The Tree of Life

MOTION - The Tree of Life

The idea behind The Tree of Life was to explore the idea of cycling. During my research for a theme for my final project, I came upon very vast and abstract topics such as the Kabbalah Tree, Archetypal Numbers, Pythagorian System. This piece is like a teaser trailer made for Post Production class. I just decided to remind myself of this topic for future reference, which in fact also led me to the theme for Harmony: The Quest For Companionship.

In the The Tree of Life, life doesn’t end or begin, it cycles and evolves into one another. A concept very much like the Yin and Yang symbol, in which the Yin turns into Yang and Yang into Yin, creating a full neverending balanced cycle. The Tree of Life also relates to seasonal changes, and how each season gives way to the other, also creating a full cycle of life… death gives way to new life, each night gives way to a new day, and so on.

Watch The Tree of Life by clicking this link.