Tag: harmony

  • amy-wong.com Demo Reel 2006

    This DemoReel was made on December 2006 as part of my new promotional package. Some of the pieces that you can see in this Demoreel are Shanghai Red, Eve & the Fire Horse – web work for Roger Kupelian, web work for Firelight Cinema, Harmony: The Quest For Companionship, several photographs, etc.

  • amy-wong.com Demo Reel 2005

    This Demo Reel (which you can check out with this long link) was made on November 2005 as part of my promotional package. It all started out as an experiment with texture and fun! The idea behind it is to show me as I can only be – what you see is what you get.…

  • The Tree of Life

    The idea behind The Tree of Life was to explore the idea of cycling. During my research for a theme for my final project, I came upon very vast and abstract topics such as the Kabbalah Tree, Archetypal Numbers, Pythagorian System. This piece is like a teaser trailer made for Post Production class. I just…