Category: sketches

  • Blocky Stamps

    My new font =D

  • Pixel Kata-ABC

    I have been testing FontStruct, so I began working on a pixel-based font that had the Katakana alphabet — sorry, no Hiragana yet. I still have to figure out stuff, but I felt really happy how this turned out for some of the characters used on the Spanish, French and Swedish languages. So please, feel…

  • The Lucky One – 2nd Stage with Detail

    This is 15x8in in size. Just in case anyone is wondering. Decided to go for charcoal again without diffusers, just to see how it turns out… Once again, The Lucky One ~~

  • The Lucky One – 1st Stage

    I feel like I haven’t used Corel Paint for like it feel forever~~~ No more than 6 months, but I feel like I’ve begun to forget, so I decided to do a little experiment to get me working on it again… This time, I’ve made a sketch (mostly for guidance) of Shane and Molly (from…

  • Aoi Yu Doodle

    I wish this were a full-on drawing that I did, because I really like how it turned out, but sadly it’s a really low-resolution doodle done on Photoshop in 1hr. One of my favorite actresses at the moment, Aoi Yu. If interested, I suggest watching Hana & Alice (Hana to ARISU), for a starring role……