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  • YAM – Issue 007!

    We made it! A whole full year of YAM~~~ and the holidays are here. and Award Season is here too! On this issue we’ve got a special coverage on the Stockholm Film Fest, including a Q&A with Sin Nombre director Cary Fukunaga, and several reviews from the festival’s films like Precious, Up in the Air, […]

  • YAM – Issue 006!

    This issue marks our first full round, next issue will be our anniversary! So we’ll be working on that right away! Anyway, we’re ahead one week! But today is October 8th – We are commemorating (actually, we celebrate) the Battle of Angamos… which we lost against Chile. But we still celebrate. Why celebrate a lost […]

  • YAM – Issue 005~~~

    It’s here, it’s here! And on time! =D What do we have on this 5th issue?? Yu Aoi cover story, courtesy of Rojo~ Plus, there’s more! A DBSK concert review – live from Japan! Harry Potter 6, Transformers 2, Moon and Public Enemies~ As well as Bibi Zhou, SNSD, Clazziquai and Seo Taiji! And 10 […]

  • YAM – Issue 004!

    A day late, but oh well! On this issue? The Brothers Bloom, Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petits Cubes), Tea Date, Up, and a bunch of blockbuster films – on the music front? The Sounds, Shiina Ringo, SNDS, 2PM, Green Day and Shinee. Plus, Yu Aoi, Life on Mars and House M.D. Check it […]

  • YAM – Issue 003!

    It’s Easter weekend, so I thought I’d post this non-Easter-issue up~~ This new issue has reviews on the Tokyo! Michel Gondry-related project, as well as Maria Larsson’s Everlasting Moments, Watchmen, and a lot of music… including an article on why international artists need to record music in English~ and much MUCH more!! Including reviews for […]