YAM – Issue 006!

This issue marks our first full round, next issue will be our anniversary!
So we’ll be working on that right away!

Anyway, we’re ahead one week! But today is October 8th – We are commemorating (actually, we celebrate) the Battle of Angamos… which we lost against Chile. But we still celebrate. Why celebrate a lost battle? That’s the sadness of our lack of heroes, in my opinion — but you can turn your head and sa… Every lost battle is a winning, or something like that.


Moving on! On this YAM, we’ve got reviews on Inglourious Basterds, Mother, Treeless Mountain, Luck, Honookaa Boy. We also comment on a lot of albums, including G-Dragon, Arashi, Big Bang, Imogen Heap, BackStreet Boys, Olafur Arnalds… and Chang Shilei. Alongside playlist suggestions by more c_music!!!

We are also reviewing Juri Ueno and the Five Bags, Mad Men, and fuzz over some shows this season.

And we’ve got the books back! This time with a review of Cusco Bizarro by Maria Luisa del Rio~

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