YAM – Issue 010

Hey, guys~

decided to release this YAM a little early, because well… we finished it a little early, and the 15th seems so far away, and we didn’t want to release it tomorrow because it’s the 13th, and we hate unlucky numbers. Plus, this is a 10-10 issue! And you know what they say about double digits…

On this issue we’ve got reviews for most of the summer blockbuster films, except of course… the ones opening this weekend. But we do talk about Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, and the likes. We also talk a LOT about music, including Julz Kpop adventures, and my reviews for a variety of music, including Yuguo and Zhonguo Feng idol Jay Chou. We also talk about television shows beginning with American shows, South Korea’s, Japan’s, and Peru’s.

Oh yeah, and we read a book! LOL

What are you waiting for?

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