YAM – Issue 009

I’m releasing YAM009 today because the electricity company sent a notice saying they’ll be doing some maintenance work and will be cutting energy around midnight of the 15th… which would be about now if it were tomorrow…

Anyway, on this YAM we’ve got the usual contributors. Thank you guys for supporting the project.

This time around we’ve got talks about fansubs [fan-made-subtitles], and reviews for Shutter Island, City of Life and Death, Legion, the documentary on The White Stripes, the Japanese drama Perfect Girl Evolution, comments on the latest season of Desperate Housewives, House M.D, and United States of Tara… as well as reviews for many other albums including Bi Rain, Tete and Aleks Syntek. Plus MORE~

Download YAM009
PDF [3.16Mb]

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