Best Commercial Production Award Bumper

MOTION - Bumper

For Commercial Production Term 4, we were required to create a 15-second award bumper for an award show.

The concept for a Best Commercial Production came from my personal experience. I sat in my room thinking on how I come up with things, how they develope and how they come to be. The concept of the bumper is the creative process of each and everyone that has ever created anything, in the case of a commercial – it all comes out from ideas, ideas from your brain that end up in sketches, once you have your basic idea and figure it out, you proceed to gather your assets and executing your ideas, ending up in the post-production room finishing up!

For this bumper, I did rotoscoping for almost every frame every 3 or 4 frames and then created a 15 second track with the use of Reason, the MIDI keyboard, and ProTools. I thought Reason and the MIDI keyboard were fascinating tools that let you experiment with different types of sounds, something that in any other case would have been really difficult for me to do. For this project, I improved my skills in illustrations and rotoscoping, which allowed me to have simplified drawings of things that changed perspective constantly.

Watch The Bumper by clicking this link.