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  • amy-wong.com Demo Reel 2006

    This DemoReel was made on December 2006 as part of my new promotional package. Some of the pieces that you can see in this Demoreel are Shanghai Red, Eve & the Fire Horse – web work for Roger Kupelian, web work for Firelight Cinema, Harmony: The Quest For Companionship, several photographs, etc.

  • MARdeORO Films Official Website

    Thanks to the opportunity to work on Shanghai Red, MARdeORO Films decided to hire me to re-design their official website right on time for the release of their first feature film at Cannes Film Festival! Working on this project gave me a bit more freedom with the style, the look and the feel of the…

  • Shanghai Red Official Website

    After collaborating in the Eve & the Fire Horse website, I was contacted by Vivian Wu’s recently founded film production company to see if I could make a website for their first feature film, Shanghai Red. The challenge of this project was working in the website for a movie that I hadn’t seen. I was…