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After collaborating in the Eve & the Fire Horse website, I was contacted by Vivian Wu’s recently founded film production company to see if I could make a website for their first feature film, Shanghai Red. The challenge of this project was working in the website for a movie that I hadn’t seen. I was given the movie script, and had read it to give me a basic idea of what the movie was about. However, the only visual aid I had was the stills from the movie and the trailer.

Working independently in this project was a huge challenge for me because I was in charge of everything that was going on, from contacting the client and making sure they were satisfied with the progress of the website, to developing the code and designing the look for it. Because of the constant contact that I had with Vivian herself, I managed to finish the website in about one week and half, giving me time to work on my next project with them.

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