Tag: eve & the fire horse

  • Firelight Cinema Website

    Website developed for Yves Ma for Firelight Cinema, a film production company in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) that helped develope movies such as the Chinese/Canadian production of Eve & the Fire Horse, and the documentary Symphony of Silence. Visit Firelight Cinema.

  • amy-wong.com Demo Reel 2005

    This Demo Reel (which you can check out with this long link) was made on November 2005 as part of my promotional package. It all started out as an experiment with texture and fun! The idea behind it is to show me as I can only be – what you see is what you get.…

  • Eve & the Fire Horse Official Website

    I was contacted not long ago by producer Yves Ma on behalf of Golden Horse Productions, to develop a simple website for the Canadian-HongKong production of Eve & the Fire Horse written and directed by filmmaker Julia Kwan, and starring Vivian Wu (The Last Emperor, Joy Luck Club, The Pillow Book). I was the producer…