Backbone Medley

Backbone Medley is a motion graphic piece by Jung-Kit Chan, in collaboration with Bun Lee and Kenny Lin.

MOTION - Backbone Medley

Watch Backbone Medley by clicking this link.

It is a story written by me, about three different people – all linked by the metaphorical trascendance of butterflies.

It is a story about dreams, about choices, about the different lives of three very different people with different endings.

The creative process for this one was ideal. Jung-Kit Chan came to me and said he needed a story… a story about choices, so we sat together and brainstormed ideas, and came up with the basic idea for this. After several re-writes and the advice from Writing Consultant, Jennica Harper, we ended up with a script that Jung-Kit used to tell the story through motion.

The project earned Jung-Kit a series of awards, including his DD01 Graduate for Best Motion Design, a Special Jury Prize from ifva, the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards, Best Motion Graphics by a Student at the CAEAA (Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts), and a mention in the Illustration Annual in July’06 of Communication Arts.

MENTION - Commarts Illustration Annual 2006

MENTION - Commarts Illustration Annual 2006