HIV Moodboard


This is the moodboard created for an HIV project I had going on. The project apparently is still in the works, but I think this graphic really capture the look that the client wanted to go for, which was something hip that young people would want to look at.

The black color was chosen from inspiration from iTunes commercials, and the bright warm colors were chosen to give you a subtle hint pointing at blood colors, as well as the color of love but also danger and alert.

I wanted the graphics to be a bit abstract, to keep the audience interest, so I picked this rounded-shaped star things that went flowing straight into the injections, and also some drops of blood across the graphic. All graphics would have a similar style to this one, the only thing left to choose was the font-face which was left undefined. I hope that in the future, the client comes back to this idea, so it can be further developed to become a great place for information about HIV and AIDS for the Peruvian Youth.



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