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  • YAM – Issue 002!

    Happy V-day! ~ not that I celebrate or anything, that’s why I bring you a non-Valentine YAM issue. Our second issue, in fact! We’ve kept styles, and we’ve changed a bit of content this time around. More reviews, NO news whatsoever… mainly because it’s hard to keep up with news. We’ve got a special issue…

  • YAM – Issue 001!

    Better late than NEVER, right? It’s a Christmas miracle!! Friend Nate and I (mostly him) worked our butts off… ‘coz he’s got a voodoo doll version of me, and he keeps on poking the eyes~~ Anyway~~~ First issue of YAM!!! Thank you to all who helped, but anyway… you’ll read inside. Download YAM 001 PDF…

  • Season Bookmark Lists

    I thought it would be a good idea to make a bookmark that lets you list the books you’ve been reading during a season. Down the Southern hemisphere, it’s summer! And it’s winter up north~~ will post the other two later in the season. PDF format: [download summer bookmark] | [download winter bookmark]