Tag: business cards

  • toma-uno.com – Business Cards

    Business cards template for set of branded cards for people at toma-uno.com

  • Amy Wong – Business Cards – v 2.0

    Brand new version of the cards, implementing my cleaned up brand, and using custom printing, instead of the regular digital printing.

  • DeAdeCaydeAd – Business Cards

    J. Perdomo wanted a fresh and hip looking business card for his brand. The logo was provided to implement in it, and the project began. Experiments with colors led me to choose a vibrant shade of orange to make everything stand out, from the back of the card, to the name of the client and […]

  • Peggy Loo – Business Cards

    Peggy Loo wanted a personal card to stand out from the crowd and her bunch of friends, which led me to illustrate some graphics, while also using textures and shades. She also requested something different to what her line of work are used to, as she feels being a system engineer can be quite boring […]

  • Seth Lochhead – Business Cards

    Seth Lochhead is a writer. He asked me if I could make some sort of very creative business card for him to hand in to clients. Seth wanted the card to represent his style, as well as his personality, so after the regular questions of What’s Your Type Of Art, What Do You Think Your […]