Tag: art direction

  • Emma-Watson.net – Article Design

    Pages designed for Emma-Watson.net. You can view the PDF HERE. Acrobat Reader required.

  • Europe – Traveling Quick Tips

    Print layout design for a traveling guide throughout Europe, specifically Sweden, Finland and Spain. This features photos taken by me, accompanied with bold design colors, and a bunch of ads and printed material collected throughout my journey. The article is a 30-day traveling journal that describes many of the activities and places I went to. […]

  • Emma-Watson.net – World Picture Book

    Fansite for English actress, Emma Watson, got their fans to compile a selection of photographs from all over the world to present to their favorite actress for her 17th birthday. A few weeks of picture gatherings and a couple of weeks of intense work on the layout, the World Picture Book came out as an […]

  • Emma-Watson.net – Book of 17’s

    Fansite for English actress, Emma Watson, prepared a selection of different 17 items, including books, films, songs, questions, poems, drawings and events, to celebrate the 17th birthday of the actress. The events page was to be different than regular timelines, and really attractive to the eye, for which I used strong typographical and color choices. […]

  • Demo Reel 2005 – DVD Interface

    We had to prepare a concept for our promotional package that included Print, Video and DVD. I worked with DVD Pro to create an interface very much similar to the website I developed, that match the style that I have chosen.