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  • Amy Translates!

    I will be testing out my English/Spanish cross capabilities! Check more on the Translations Page!

  • Amy Wong – Portfolio – 2008

    Developed with WordPress! =D

  • amy-wong.com will be back!

    Hello, everyone! I am working on switching my Flash site into a search-engine-friendly portfolio! All and new work will be back up in the following days or weeks. In the meantime, please check out my work HERE!

  • amy-wong – store – item MOO

    Decided to print a whole bunch of pictures on Flickr using their partner site Moo. 50 different prints of 3cm by 7cm of unique picture taken by me, and printed on high-quality matte recycled paper. You can get the limited prints in pre-established sets of 4s, or choose the pictures yourself… through my store. If…

  • amy-wong.com MySpace Design

    Finally decided to completely re-design my whole MySpace profile, which is certainly a nightmare to do. I deeply thank hyalineskies.com for the tutorials, and encourage everyone to make their MySpace decent. If you desire a MySpace clean up, please be advised that it takes quite a bit of time of making it look like you…