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  • Demo Reel 2005 – DVD Interface

    We had to prepare a concept for our promotional package that included Print, Video and DVD. I worked with DVD Pro to create an interface very much similar to the website I developed, that match the style that I have chosen.

  • Harmony: The Quest for Companionship

    Harmony: The Quest For Companionship was born out of my interest in Comparative Mythology and the Hero’s Journey. I was first introduced to this terms in year 2004, when I took my final course of Writing at Foundation Visual Art & Design, instructor Jennica Harper briefly explained story structure, and I was instantly hooked. After […]

  • Little Red Riding Hood DVD Interface

    Little Red Riding Hood was an Art Direction Project in Term5 at Foudation VIsual Art & Design where the streams of Film, Animation and Interactive Media worked together to put together a style for a movie. I worked hard to come up with the styles along with my group and came up with a black […]