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  • I was hacked.

    Ugh. Why would any self-respecting hacker would hack a poorly-visited site like mine? Why hack a poor freelancer?  I would understand trying to hack Disney, or any celebrity account… even celebrity fansites – but WHY!? target a freelancer whom nobody’s heard of… Anyway, things are back to normal. And this should scare me enough to…

  • Changes in the Future?

    Woah~ nearly 5am here. I just finished working on my newly “concert photography” portfolio, which I’ve decided to put together after photographing a couple of events. I love it, and would love to do some more… without stopping my work on web and print design which have been pretty scarce lately~~ not to mention motion…

  • Photographer in/around Toronto, CA?

    This is a post to help out the friend of a friend… xD Actually, check here for the details~~~ I would help out, but not in the Toronto, California area~~ maybe you are? or a friend of a friend?

  • Welcome 2009 Fireworks!

    Woohoo! Happy new year!! Welcome everyone to 2009! My family and I had a kick ass firework display at home, so I hope you had fun as well. If you wanna see some of the firework photos, look at this set.

  • Thousand Origami 2009 Holiday Greeting

    So ‘Tis the season again~~ Happy Holidays, everyone! This year I’ve made the Thousand Origami Cranes, or Zenba Tsuru… because, well~ I didn’t know what to get my dad as a gift, so I thought… I’ll get him a wish! And he’s a fan of origami cranes~~ so! there you go! At first I thought…