Year: 2010

  • YAM – Issue 012

    Ta-da! Our latest and last issue as a PDF. This marks a new beginning for us, and marks the actual 2-month countdown for the opening of, which actually is kinda nerve-racking. As we work on the actual website now, you can Follow us on Twitter, and/or join us on Facebook. In this issue, McNeil…

  • Closing @ Lima Film Festival

    I liked last year’s ceremony format better. Must be ‘coz I didn’t have dinner before shooting. Anyway, here is the batch of photos of the night. I also created a Lima Film Festival collection. ;P

  • YAM – Issue 011

    Well, I’m 37min. past my deadline. Sorry about that. We’ve got our very first exclusive! I got a chance to chat with Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee Diane Warren. And besides the fact that I forgot how to talk and think in English, it went pretty well. We are also covering a bit on the Lima…

  • Opening @ Lima Film Festival

    This is my attempt at some Classic Cannes photos, only without the Cannes part. xD The Lima Film Fest opened tonight, at a freezing night for reporters. I saw people shivering, but we had to wait outside for people to go in before us… Check out the whole set here.

  • Hayabiki @ Akiba Fest 2010 – Set 2

    Final set! Photos taken for Contact for usage ~~~ and RAW files. Respect the watermarks ;P Don’t forget the Hayabiki interview over at Toma-Uno~ These last additions can be found at the Akiba Fest Gallery.