Month: January 2009

  • The Lucky One – 1st Stage

    I feel like I haven’t used Corel Paint for like it feel forever~~~ No more than 6 months, but I feel like I’ve begun to forget, so I decided to do a little experiment to get me working on it again… This time, I’ve made a sketch (mostly for guidance) of Shane and Molly (from…

  • Lunar Calendar 101

    Happy Ox Year! xD I decided to re-design an article I wrote a while (long while) ago about the Lunar Calendar, and Chinese Horoscope. Hope you enjoy! If you wish to read… download the low-res PDF.

  • Welcome 2009 Fireworks!

    Woohoo! Happy new year!! Welcome everyone to 2009! My family and I had a kick ass firework display at home, so I hope you had fun as well. If you wanna see some of the firework photos, look at this set.