Month: December 2008

  • Thousand Origami 2009 Holiday Greeting

    So ‘Tis the season again~~ Happy Holidays, everyone! This year I’ve made the Thousand Origami Cranes, or Zenba Tsuru… because, well~ I didn’t know what to get my dad as a gift, so I thought… I’ll get him a wish! And he’s a fan of origami cranes~~ so! there you go! At first I thought…

  • YAM – Issue 001!

    Better late than NEVER, right? It’s a Christmas miracle!! Friend Nate and I (mostly him) worked our butts off… ‘coz he’s got a voodoo doll version of me, and he keeps on poking the eyes~~ Anyway~~~ First issue of YAM!!! Thank you to all who helped, but anyway… you’ll read inside. Download YAM 001 PDF…

  • Delfín: La Historia de un Soñador

    Took some photos for the event hosted by Dolphin Films and Twentieth Century Fox at UVK Larcomar, presenting the animated feature “Delfín: La Historia de un Soñador” (The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer) based on the 1996 book by Sergio Bambarén. View a couple of more shots on this set.