Moonchild is one of the first Digital Paintings that I’ve made. The concept is somewhat complex and extensive. The idea is basically revolving around the Eastern ideas of Harmony, Yin and Yang, opposites and compliments, and everything that is around us. Moreover, it also touches the subject of Astrology, and the influence that according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and Horoscopes, the moon holds over our characters.

PAINTING - Moonchild

So we are born, in a certain day of the month, in a certain day of a year, in that day the moon is positioned differently than all the others, and that position affects us depending on our positioning. Therefore, this influence surrounds us, and may affect our personalities. That combined with everything else that surrounds us; earth, wind, air, water, metal; everything exists in harmony with us and all else. Everything blends in together, and trascends to one another…

The Yin and Yang idea that everything has an opposite that completes the nature of the object. Just like every day has a night, every light spot has a dark one, in good there’s evil, for a man there’s a woman. There is harmony, balance… without it, the world cannot function.

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