WEB - used to be my domain, and I kept it updated since April 2004. I changed layouts several times and this one was the last layout I used as It was released in January 2005, right after New Year’s eve. The website contained film reviews, wallpapers, image displays, a collection of essays, fiction, a photo gallery, a guestbook, all functioning with PHP, some MySQL, in XHTML format.

This visual style came out of nowhere, after a few months of very serious graphics with colors such as pale dark pink and dark grey, the colors in this layout are pale yellow, dark purple and green, giving it a very toxic look… very different from all the other color palettes I have used. Since yellow and purple are complimentary color, I wanted to have other things that complimented each other, like pixel-based fonts with grid layouts with texture grunge brushes and dust textures, that all combined gave this really unique and fresh look to my website.

The website also featured special tabs, in which I had a poll system, as well as different tabs that were dinamically updated, as well as each blog entry. My film review archive contained over 200 films reviewed since February 2004, which was one of the most visited sections of the website.