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  • Best Commercial Production Award Bumper

    For Commercial Production Term 4, we were required to create a 15-second award bumper for an award show. The concept for a Best Commercial Production came from my personal experience. I sat in my room thinking on how I come up with things, how they develope and how they come to be. The concept of […]

  • Skyttles: Dig It!

    For Commercial Production Term 4, we were required to create a 15-second product placement commercial. I modeled 3D candies for the 15-second pieces and controlled the camera movement through 3D Studio Max. But before starting moving stuff around, I had to make things clear. Skyttles was supposed to be a fun experience, these candies are […]

  • The Dog Walker

    This is one of five series of mockup images for the website of the movie entitled “The Dog Walker“. We watched a number of various-genre short films in Story For Design class, in which instructor Jennica Harper assigned us a short film to work on as if it were a real client. We analyzed the […]

  • Altern TV

    This image is the mockup for the website for Altern TV, a Peruvian-based music channel. I worked for two months on the idea of creating the music channel and researching the market in Peru. Altern TV is the music channel for the people, where viewers choose what they want to see. The channel would feature […]

  • The Tree of Life

    The idea behind The Tree of Life was to explore the idea of cycling. During my research for a theme for my final project, I came upon very vast and abstract topics such as the Kabbalah Tree, Archetypal Numbers, Pythagorian System. This piece is like a teaser trailer made for Post Production class. I just […]