Year: 2009

  • YAM – Issue 007!

    We made it! A whole full year of YAM~~~ and the holidays are here. and Award Season is here too! On this issue we’ve got a special coverage on the Stockholm Film Fest, including a Q&A with Sin Nombre director Cary Fukunaga, and several reviews from the festival’s films like Precious, Up in the Air, […]

  • Hayabiki and some Akari @ Matsuri 2009

    It’s Hayabiki-mania! These fans are crazy~~~ LOL Anyway, sneak in for a couple of shots of Akari. Dude, that is some crazy hair. Tons of other good photos over here on this Flickr set~ Wanna get your gig photographed? Hit me with an email~

  • Pixel Kata-ABC

    I have been testing FontStruct, so I began working on a pixel-based font that had the Katakana alphabet — sorry, no Hiragana yet. I still have to figure out stuff, but I felt really happy how this turned out for some of the characters used on the Spanish, French and Swedish languages. So please, feel […]

  • YAM – Issue 006!

    This issue marks our first full round, next issue will be our anniversary! So we’ll be working on that right away! Anyway, we’re ahead one week! But today is October 8th – We are commemorating (actually, we celebrate) the Battle of Angamos… which we lost against Chile. But we still celebrate. Why celebrate a lost […]

  • the life in my hands is just pure theatre

    challenge illustration? and some self-loathing… lol I haven’t done this in so long~~~