Month: December 2005

  • Demo Reel 2005

    This Demo Reel (which you can check out with this long link) was made on November 2005 as part of my promotional package. It all started out as an experiment with texture and fun! The idea behind it is to show me as I can only be – what you see is what you get. […]

  • Amy Wong – Business Cards – v 1.0

    This cards were design for me, as part of the requisites for my Printing class. It was supposed to be part of an identity package, in which my website, business card, and other desktop items all looked from the same person.

  • Amy Wong – Portfolio – 2005

    This is the third version of my portfolio, done on December 2005 as part of my promotional package. It was developed in Flash, with bits in XML and PHP. For me, it was an incredibly hard, but rewarding experience to start experimenting with XML and Flash, since it was the actual first time of my […]

  • Demo Reel 2005 – DVD Interface

    We had to prepare a concept for our promotional package that included Print, Video and DVD. I worked with DVD Pro to create an interface very much similar to the website I developed, that match the style that I have chosen.